Off The Wall Games supports an active Magic community and a full range of Magic products.  

Our play space regularly features open tables space for you and a few of your friends (or your enemies, I guess) to come play a game.  We run regularly scheduled weekly events and prerelease events (in case you want to play with even more friends or nemeses in a fixed format).

Our Magic Singles inventory is shoppable on our TCGPlayer Pro Store (link to the right - you must register for a TCG Player account).  The benefits of our online store as opposed to a traditional in-person card binder system are plentiful:

  • You can shop from wherever you are without wasting a trip to the store for a card we don't have.
  • Building a deck?  Buy the card before you leave the house.  Talking about a new deck with your friends and want to be sure they can't build that deck to beat you?  Buy the cards they need before they can!
  • No need to handle impossible-to-clean binders.  Now you can build the deck of your dreams without the unwanted germ exchange.
  • You can pay online or you can pay when you pick up - it's up to you!

We also accept trade-ins!  Sell us the cards you don't need to get the cards you do!

Magic singles trade-in policy:

  • We base trade-ins on TCG Market Price for the condition of the card (Near Mint, Lightly Played, Moderately Played, Heavily Played, Damaged).  
  • We pay:  50% in store credit (loaded onto a gift card, use it for whatever you want) or 30% in cash for the day (we have a low transaction cap for cash transactions).  Purchases may be refused or purchase prices may be reduced at the employee's discretion.  
  • We are under no obligation to take cards presented for trade-in.  You are under no obligation to trade-in cards.
  • Cards under $3 are valued as Bulk.  We purchase Bulk at $0.50 per pound (roughly 4 cards for $0.01).  We do not always accept Bulk.
  • We do not purchase foreign language cards.  Autographs do not increase value.